Union Market and Union Market Streetscape Guidelines

Washington D.C.

The historic Union Market has been revitalized in order to create an authentic artisanal marketplace. A year-round indoor food market featuring 40 local vendors opened in October 2012. Union Market will once again be the culinary epicenter of the Capital City. Surrounding the market will be a vibrant mix of retail, restaurants, a hotel and a culinary school.

Mahan Rykiel refined the blocks surrounding the market and completed the hardscape and site work for the revitalized market. Located adjacent to Gallaudet University and the New York/ Florida Avenue Metro Stop and one mile from the U.S. Capitol, this area is undergoing a renaissance.

The market’s streetscape guidelines were developed through a collaborative process that involved the District Department of Transportation, the DC Office of Planning and property owners to maintain a vibrant street life by enhancing the district industrial character, incorporating new commercial uses, unifying the streetscape and ensuring the transportation network accommodates all users. As the market evolves the public space will need to allow for upgrades to infrastructure, accomodate the needs of established and new businesses, incorporate universal design principles, and increase its environmental performance. As apublic asset under the control of the District of Columbia, the street rights of way in the market will maintain its distinct character as it transforms into a living and working neighborhood.