Rockville Town Center

Rockville, Maryland

The revitalization of this open space in the City of Rockville has resulted in a pedestrian friendly space for a variety of public events such as farm­ers’ markets, concerts, and community festivals. Programmed throughout the year, the open green space is used for outdoor movies, festivals and skating in the public ice-rink.

Mahan Rykiel helped to breathe new life into this mixed-use development that includes condos/ apartments, retail stores and restaurants. The primary goal for the project was to rejuvenate the plaza and to accommodate an expansion to their ice rink. This element of the center has proven to be a significant draw, and is a feature that distin­guishes this community from other retail competi­tion in the area. The designers were challenged to utilize materials that could be successfully converted between seasons in ways that would be convenient, efficient and cost-effective.