Annapolis Main Street Historic District

Annapolis, Maryland

Surrounded by lively residential neighborhoods, downtown Annapolis is a vibrant mix of both nationally known retail chains and locally owned shops. As part of a major utility relocation, Mahan Rykiel Associates created a Master Plan to improve Main Street and breathe new life into this historic retail district. Widened sidewalks and narrowed traffic lanes create a friendly pedestrian environment without compromising traffic flow or parking capacity.

In keeping with the historic flavor of the community, streetscape elements included brick sidewalks and streets, granite curbs and crosswalks, historic light fixtures, cast iron benches, and other street furnishings. Brick patterning on the ground plane differentiates pedestrian and vehicular flow and identifies historic zones. Located to frame significant views, street trees bring welcome shade and greenery to this dense urban area. The Master Planning effort included a substantial community involvement process to incorporate the concerns of a wide variety of constituents.


1996 Maryland/Potomac ASLA Design Award Winner