Redline Corridor Transit Study Poppleton Station/Harlem Park Stations

Baltimore, Maryland

The Maryland Transit Authority has developed a ‘community compact’ with neighborhoods adjacent to proposed stations along the approved alignment of the Baltimore Redline. The intent is to partner with these communities to vision the impacts and opportunities associated with these two new stops. A Station Area Advisory Committee (SAAC) has been established to work with businesses, residents, developers, University of Maryland BioPark representatives, and other stakeholders to leverage the potential of this new transportation corridor. Mahan Rykiel is worked with the MTA and other consultants to facilitate and document this process.

As the SAAC Facilitator, MRA created a series of maps to identify how development might evolve around the Poppleton/Harlem Park Station area, located in distressed West Baltimore. These maps illustrated small projects that would require no actual construction, large changes that might require significant construction, and the existing and potential circulation connections. Streetscape improvements, rehabilitation of inner block parks and development of new mixed-use buildings were examples of specific opportunities that might facilitate use of the stations and connectivity within the neighborhoods.

MRA facilitated stakeholder meetings, developed analysis and planning graphics to reflect neighborhood interests and inform final station location, coordinated with engineers as part of GEC, and produced of final reports for each station.

The process has created an effective forum for stakeholder input and a reliable resource for MTA to utilize as RedLine planning continues.