Inter County Connector

Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, Maryland

“Environmental mitigation caused them to clean up the crimes of previous development in that part of the county” – Nancy Floreen, Montgomery County Councilmember 


Dating back to 1955, a vision for a new roadway connecting I-95 to I-270 in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties had been embroiled in a host of issues stemming from the scale and complexity of the project. Beyond eminent domain issues and cost, environmental mitigation would be a deciding factor leading to the decision to build the $2.6 billion 18 mile toll road.


In an effort to build the  project responsibly, an investment of $370 million was purposed for mitigation and environmental stewardship activities.


MRA played an important role in this project by serving as a member of the General Engineering Consultants team. MRA developed design guidelines and specifications for the 18-mile roadway that covers densely populated areas and environmentally sensitive forests and streams. MRA developed planting concepts to complement the natural systems, highlight gateway areas and buffer historically significant properties.


The Inter-County Connector (ICC) Team won the Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) Awards Award of Excellence Green/Sustainability/Environmental Award for the ICC Upper Paint Branch Stormwater Management Retrofits.