East McIntire Park Master Plan

Charlottesville, Virginia

East McIntire Park comprises nearly 80 acres of passive open space north of the downtown Charlottesville area, centrally located within the urban ring of the City and Albermarle County. Mahan Rykiel is providing landscape architectural services for the phased conversion of a pasture golf course to natural open space and trails, as well as the preliminary park elements and infrastructure, a family activity center, and botanical garden. Part of the greater 150-acre regional McIntire Park bisected by the Norfolk Southern Railroad, the eastern area balances the active recreation uses of its western side.

Originally a cattle farm, East McIntire Park was initially planned around the site’s steep topography and two streams. A rolling Piedmont landscape with open fields and a mix of farmland succession, the park features a central hilltop with a large stand of trees. The westward-flowing steams enter from underneath the railroad line, and join each other before leaving the park. The natural characteristics of the park create an excellent habitat for wildlife. Currently in design, the East McIntire Park project goals include:

• Creating a family activity center and
Piedmont-themed nature play area.
• Re-establishing native plant communities
throughout the site.
• Enhancing the minimally-managed passive
feel of the park.
• Retaining the site’s natural topography.
• Improving safe access and egress for
pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles.
• Planning for the future McIntire Botanical