Blandair Park

Columbia, Maryland

The Blandair Park site is a 300-acre parcel centrally located in Columbia, Maryland. Acquired by Howard County in the mid-1990’s, the previously farmed land represents the only undeveloped property of its size within the New Town boundaries of Columbia. Surrounded by a mix of single and multi-family residential neighborhoods, Blandair Park is slated to be Howard County’s next significant regional park.

Initiated by a County-led advisory committee, MRA and WRA refined and finalized the master plan. The original Blandair manor home and 16 associated out-buildings are key components of the park’s cultural setting and will be restored for events and programming. Active recreation uses include softball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, tennis and a skate park. Preservation/interpretation uses include a children’s garden, nature center and land set aside for walking trails.

Mahan Rykiel led a series of steering committee and public meetings to finalize the mix and locations of proposed uses. The master plan was approved and adopted in less than 12 months. Phases 1, 2 and J are now open to the public.  Phase 3 construction is about to begin.