Sa Rang Church

Seoul, South Korea

The open space for the new Sa Rang Church begins at the subway station level with the granite stairs to the Global plaza level and then continuing upward to various roof levels. The concept is to reinforce that the church is a conduit between heaven and earth. MRA is proposing rich earthtoned granites for the paving throughout the project. While there is minimal landscape at the subway level, MRA proposed potted trees that can be under planted with seasonal plantings for color throughout the year. The plaza with the plan of the world as its centerpiece is ringed by interactive fountains and low planters that will offer four seasons of interest. The water is the symbol of healing.

The Chapel Garden level has the chapel as the focal point surrounded by groves of deciduous trees that force a perspective view across the city skyline. Large natural boulders will also be interspersed to further enhance the forested setting of the chapel.

The Prayer garden is a tranquil space featuring a reflecting pool. The water and minimal plantings focuses the user on the quiet contemplative nature of the space. The goal was to create a space conducive to prayer.