Wyman Park Dell Master Plan and Implementation

Baltimore, Maryland

Wyman Park Dell, a 16-acre historic park, is one of the few parks in Baltimore fully conceived and designed by the Olmsted Brothers. The park is a significant resource for the surrounding neighborhood, institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art and Johns Hopkins University as well as for the City residents.

The master plan process was grounded in multiphased community-based planning and is focusing on maintaining the historic integrity of the park, while balancing contemporary recreation safety and ecological needs. In addition, the master plan was identifying short-and long-term strategies for the removal of invasive plants while addressing problems such as slope erosion and crumbling infrastructure.

The master plan includes strategies for native plantings that provide natural habitat while reinforcing important view corridors and vistas. Since the completion of the master plan, Mahan Rykiel prepared construction drawings for the reconstruction of the 1600 LF historic, dry stone wall and developed design plans for a new play ground.

Honorable Mention for the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association’s
Community Initiative Award

Merit Award, MD/Potomac ASLA