Loudoun County Courthouse Master Plan

Leesburg, Virginia

Mahan Rykiel Associates was retained by the Courts Advisory Task Force to prepare a Landscape Master Plan for the Loudoun County Courts, located in historic Leesburg, Virginia. The purpose of the project was to develop a master plan that provides the County with a logical approach for improvements to this open space; one that accommodates modern day needs while maintaining the historic integrity of the space.

The MRA project team completed a site assessment and summary analysis including a site survey, an identification of areas of archeological and historic importance and a tree inventory and assessment. The project team conducted a series of interviews with key stakeholders including representatives from Loudoun County, Loudoun County Courts, the Town of Leesburg, business leaders, events organizers, and citizens to garner their input related to assets, challenges and opportunities of the site. Based on this input, MRA prepared the final Landscape Master Plan, a comprehensive tool for phased implementation of improvements for this important civic open space.