Howard P. Rawlings Conservatory

Baltimore, Maryland

The Howard P. Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens is located on 14 acres of Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park and has been a City landmark for generations. In collaboration with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks Mahan Rykiel led the planning and design effort to develop a comprehensive Framework Plan for the Conservatory with short, intermediate, and long-term strategies.

The centerpiece approach to this design was to capture the grounds – to reach out east and west of the Conservatory along the Promenade, to establish a well-defined garden zone, and to plan for future incorporation of the adjacent 13 acres to the north. Within this zone a series of garden and water attractions were envisioned that will enhance the visitors’ experience and provide support for special events. Each design decision has been made to enhance the existing facility, while keeping in mind the potential of the overall planning effort.

MRA created an ambitious plan for the Conservatory, that will provide for significant growth over many years. This plan expands the original vision of the project to create a major destination that will be an important addition to the public landscape of Baltimore City.


MD/Potomac ASLA Merit Award