Hart Miller Island North Cell Pilot Project

Baltimore County, MD

Closed as a Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF) in 2009 and slated for conversion into a DNR recreation facility, Hart-Miller Island (HMI) continues to process on-site dredged material for final site use. However, water quality, water quantity, and soil quality issues have slowed processing causing cost overruns and delaying site conversion. Mahan Rykiel Associates developed an integrated approach to dredged material processing at Hart-Miller Island that aims to create an eco-recreational infrastructure that optimizes performance, economizes operations, and accelerates the conversion of the site into a public amenity and environmental resource.

Micro-landforms constructed of on-site dredged material and placed perpendicular to existing drainage pathways are proposed to intercept, slow, and hold rain water in the upper watershed of HMI, functionally decreasing the operational footprint of the facility, while simultaneously creating moisture gradients that can support a diverse range of plant, animals, and recreational opportunities. In this new landscape, ecological succession is augmented by adaptive management to ensure that both public access and environmental benefits are maintained. These designs for HMI were developed as part of the Maryland Port Administration’s collaborative Design with Dredge program.