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Pentagon Row - Watch & Listen

Pentagon Row

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Pentagon Row is a successful mixed-use community on Joyce Street in Arlington. Mahan Rykiel was charged with rejuvenating the plaza and increasing the seasonal programming space by half—while still allowing plenty of pedestrian circulation, and increasing planting areas within the reduced area.

Rockville Town Center

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The revitalization of this open space in the City of Rockville has resulted in a pedestrian friendly space for a variety of public events such as farm­ers’ markets, concerts, and community festivals. Programmed throughout the year, the open green space is used for outdoor movies, festivals and skating in the public ice-rink.
Retail Mixed Use; Town Center; Movies; Festivals; Ice Rink; Seasonal Programming; Rockville Maryland; Design; Landscape Architecture

Bella Citta

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The Neighborhood Square is designed to function as the heart and center of the Chevy Chase Lake development. Its open space and edges accommodate both daily uses such as outdoor dining and casual seating to programmed functions like concerts in the park, seasonal markets and festivals.