University of Maryland Physical Sciences Complex

College Park, Maryland

The new Physical Science Complex is one of the most high-tech buildings on the university grounds. The complex, which consists of one new building that connects two existing buildings, is a significant investment for the academic community as it incorporates the study of physics at the macro and micro levels, a concept that focuses on the vastness of the universe and the world under a microscope.

Working closely with the design team, Mahan Rykiel Associates (MRA) developed a site plan
that includes:

• The first vegetated roof on the College Park
• Harvesting rain water for irrigation purposes
• Outdoor gathering/ learning spaces
• Intensive coordination with design team to allow hardscape and plantings over sensitive laboratories two stories below.

In addition, an outdoor amphitheater was designed for teaching opportunities and to preserve a decades old tradition of physics professors having afternoon tea. Located between the student housing sector and the academic core, a breezeway through the building encourages students and visitors to engage in the fascinating world of physics.