University of Maryland Denton Quad

College Park, Maryland
Establishing an Accessible Environment

The Denton Community complex consists of four 8-story residence halls located in the north part of the campus and is home to 2,300 University students. With an overall goal of establishing an accessible environment, MRA prepared landscape plans for a full renovation of this important exterior space.

Both aesthetic and functional improvements were critical to the renovation of the Quad to ensure pedestrian safety, accessibility, and expanded use of the area for students. These improvements included:

  • Addition of social spaces at building entrances and a new pavilion
  • Grilling areas at each building
  • New paving and planting
  • Revised pedestrian crossings along Stadium Drive
  • Creative stormwater solutions (rain gardens and flow-through planters)
  • Close to Byrd Stadium, the Campus Recreation Center, and Student Union, the plan reinforces connections between the Denton Community and those key student locations.