University of Maryland Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation

College Park, Maryland

The Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation is the collaborative vision of Brendan Iribe, CEO and co-founder of Oculus VR, and the University of Maryland Department of Computer Science. Their goal to bring a piece of Silicon Valley to College Park. The building has a dramatic presence at the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Campus Drive, and will be a hub for technology at the heart of a new innovation district, including high-tech companies, government agencies and institutional colleagues.

Mahan Rykiel Associates designed the four acre site of the Iribe Center to be an environment that is both stimulating and thought provoking. At the core of the design is an active plaza, cradled by the building’s audtiorium, cafe, and lobby, where students can gather, discuss, and incubate ideas of the future. The eastern half of the site, rich in ecological character, aims to reconnect students with the natural environment as well as supply space for respite and passive recreation.

Within the context of the university, the site connects the interior of campus with the neighboring community and natural environment. Through manipulation of paths, grades, alignments, and paving materials the design facilitates the movements of students coming from off campus on foot and bicylcle, as well as improves the circulation of the engineering district of campus. Careful work was done to preserve stands of existng mature trees, so that while completely modern and forward thinking, the Iribe Center will also have a timeless character befitting the front door of the University of Maryland’s flagship campus.