Greenville SC Planning and Urban Design Studies

Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina

Following the Downtown Sector Master Plan, completed by Tom McGilloway while Principal-in-Charge for the project at LDR International, the City of Greenville commissioned additional planning studies to help guide significant redevelopment initiatives surrounding the downtown core. As a Principal at Mahan Rykiel Associates, Tom has led several planning initiatives aimed at strengthening major corridors leading to the downtown core and revitalizing neighborhood centers.

The purpose of these plans is to provide a framework for the City to strategically guide new public and private development, and support the already vibrant downtown environment. The plans focused on redevelopment opportunities for key parcels of land within the focus areas. Many of these parcels are targeted for mixed-use development with careful attention given to addressing critical linkages to adjacent neighborhoods, reinforcing street edges and connecting to the city’s successful Main Street district.

Projects Include:

Wade Hampton Boulevard Strategic Plan (2018)

Augusta Road Master Plan (2011)

West End Master Plan Update (2004)


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