19Nineteen Clarendon

Arlington, Virginia

19Nineteen Clarendon is one of the newest luxury apartments to grace Arlington, Virginia. Mahan Rykiel designed all the landscape features including two courtyards on the roof terraces. Both of these courtyards are intended to bring nature into this very urban environment and provide the residents with the opportunity of interacting with nature and socializing with each other.

The design took advantage of the linear character of the courtyards by creating focal points and view corridors. Meanwhile, a variety of landscape elements such as a runnel fountain, fire pit, trellis, vertical walls, and outdoor kitchen were designed to break up the narrow space and provide the user unique experiences in separate but contiguous spaces.

Natural materials, such as boulders, wood, water, natural stone paving, and native plants were used to make these spaces a green oasis in a very urban setting.

The high-end apartments were designed to LEED Silver specifications and include many sustainable features. 19Nineteen’s convenient location near a Metro station reduces the need for cars and encourages walking.