Baltimore Downtown Open Space Master Plan

Baltimore, Maryland

The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (DPOB) and the City of Baltimore prepared a Downtown Strategic Plan to guide continued revitalization of Baltimore’s central business district. A critical focus of this plan was to identify a strategic approach to improving the public realm to help attract and retain employers, residents and visitors.

DPOB retained Mahan Rykiel Associates to prepare an Open Space Plan that would support their efforts with recommendations for both short and long-term enhancements to the public realm; improving existing spaces as well as identifying potential new spaces. Mahan Rykiel led a consultant team that included Project for Public Spaces, an internationally recognized placemaking organization. The team developed a stakeholder based plan that incorporates economic development, placemaking, sustainability, pedestrian and bicycle related strategies. Key focus areas of this plan included historic Preston Gardens, “Liberty Square,” Arena Site, and the Lexington Market area.