Looking at the past, and toward the future.

In the photo above, Mahan Rykiel joins the Turner Station community as they survey Fleming Park site, a project intended to promote community and climate resiliency.  Across the water you can see the remnants of the original piles for a boardwalk that served the historically African american community. Today, we are building off of this history to envision a park that supports public health, habitat restoration, coastal resiliency, and environmental justice.

Learn more about the project here.

A recent profile, by the Baltimore Sun on Turner Station, captures this not so distant past, and a legacy the community is striving to preserve and adapt for the future.  We are proud to be working with such a dedicated group of people on their vision for a park that will serve as a heart of the community for generations to come.

Here is an excerpt from The Sun’s article:

People who grew up in Turner Station, an African-American enclave in Baltimore County, recall a place where “everybody knew everybody” and church and family ruled. Many went on to great success, despite racial challenges. Now some are working to revive the neighborhood.

Source: In its day, Baltimore County’s Turner Station was a beloved African-American enclave. Now some seek a revival

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