Hagerstown Clara Barton Park Breaks Ground

Hagerstown Renaissance Continues...

Clara Barton Park Breaks Ground

Mahan Rykiel’s Executive Vice President, Scott Rykiel, recently attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Clara Barton Park in Hagerstown, marking another significant milestone in the firm’s longstanding commitment to enhancing the local community. This latest endeavor, Clara Barton Park, represents an integral addition to a series of transformative projects that Mahan Rykiel has undertaken over the years in collaboration with the City of Hagerstown.

Clara Barton Park serves as a pivotal link along the Hagerstown Cultural Trail, seamlessly connecting the bustling business district to the picturesque Hagerstown City Park, which features the serene Lower Lake. This meandering Cultural Trail is not merely a pathway; it is a dynamic expression of Hagerstown’s rich artistry and culture, designed to double as a whimsical wayfinding system, guiding residents and visitors alike through the town’s charming streets.

A poignant aspect of Clara Barton Park is its dedication to honoring the memory of a local hero, Clara Barton, renowned as the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her unwavering aid to wounded soldiers during the Civil War Battle of Antietam. Her remarkable legacy continued with the founding of the American Red Cross in 1881. The memorial plaza within the park will feature a striking bronze statue of Clara Barton, accompanied by informative panels, newly laid sidewalks, inviting benches, enhanced sidewalk connections, and an array of thoughtfully chosen tree plantings and accent planting beds.

This endeavor seamlessly adds to an impressive roster of community developments, which includes the forthcoming Hub City Brewing and a newly constructed stadium. Over the years, Mahan Rykiel has taken pride in contributing to other community-enhancing projects such as the Cultural Trail, University Plaza, the arts district streetscape, and multiple charming pocket parks.

Hagerstown continues to evolve into an exciting destination, marked by forward-thinking investments that elevate the quality of life for its residents and captivate the imagination of visitors. These ongoing efforts serve as a testament to the vibrant tapestry of opportunities this community offers to all who come to explore its wonders.

Groundbreaking Ceremony