Cathy Snellinger, MRA CFO, Retires after nearly 40 years...

Wishing Cathy the Best!

It is both a bittersweet moment and a cause for celebration as we bid farewell and extend our heartfelt congratulations to Cathy Snellinger, our dedicated CFO, who is retiring after an astounding 40 years of unwavering commitment to Mahan Rykiel Associates. Cathy’s journey with our company began when Catherine Mahan took her first steps in establishing her own landscape architectural venture in 1983. Back then, Cathy was initially brought on board to manage billing on a part-time basis. However, as our company steadily flourished, Cathy’s role evolved into that of a full-time accounting manager, eventually culminating in her tenure as our Chief Financial Officer.

“Cathy has been our best friend, our therapist, and our safety net. Her kindness, positivity and unconditional support for the past 40 years made MRA who we are today.” – Jingpeng Gu, MRA President

Since those early days in 1983, our firm has steadily grown, now boasting a team of 35 dedicated employees. Throughout this remarkable journey, Cathy Snellinger embraced a multitude of responsibilities beyond her financial duties, truly becoming the heart and soul of MRA. She went above and beyond for each member of our team, extending her care and support not only to our colleagues but also to their families, fostering an atmosphere within our firm that feels more like a closely-knit family than a corporation.

Over the course of four decades, under the leadership of three different Presidents at the helm of the firm, Cathy Snellinger played an instrumental role in Mahan Rykiel Associates’ financial growth, success, and prosperity, which projects now span across 30 countries worldwide.

As we bid farewell to Cathy, we do so with immense gratitude for her. Cathy’s legacy at MRA will forever endure as a testament to her remarkable journey of excellence, and heartfelt camaraderie that has left an indelible mark on our company’s history. We wish her the most joyous, fulfilling, and well-deserved retirement, filled with the same warmth and happiness that she has brought to all of us throughout her remarkable career.

“Cathy’s people skills were surpassed only by her accounting skills which is why she was such a treasured partner” – Scott Rykiel, Founder and Executive Vice President